I have had the honor and privilege of giving many guest lectures and media appearances in a variety of venues, including university/college colloquia, panel appearances, podcasts, and traditional ‘print’ media.

2021 Ohio Humanities mini-feature

2021 Newsweek article on Donald and Melania Trump’s participation in anti-Indigenous sports cheers such as the “Tomahawk Chop”

2021 article in Science on a new data set and associated article on Indigenous land dispossession in the United States and its connection to environmental/climate crisis

2021 OZY article on the Overview Effect

2019 article about me being named one of Ohio State’s Sesquicentennial Scholars

Here are some recent selected talks and podcast appearances that I have made:

UMBC Department of Geography & Environmental Systems colloquium: Link

Medicine For The Resistance: Indigenous Geographies: Link

How Do You Know? Podcast, Episode 7: Data spaces, data places: Link

BCMA Climate Action Podcast Series, Episode 1: Link

WVU Geology and Geography Department Colloquium Talk, March 2021: Link

#Collabrary Live Readings with Dr. Smiles & Dr. Max Liboiron (Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador), March 2021: Video 1, Video 2

Triple-G Colloquium, Michigan State University, March 2021: Link

“Beyond A Land Acknowledgement” Panel at Ohio State, February 2021: Link

Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture, University of Wisconsin, Madison, December 2020: Link

My appearance on the Breaking Green Ceilings Podcast, Season 2: Link

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